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  • What is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are food and nutrition experts who have met the following criteria to earn the RDN credential: *Completed a minimum of a bachelor’s degree at an US regionally accredited university or college and course work accredited or approved by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. * Completed an ACEND-accredited supervised practice program at a healthcare facility, community agency, or a foodservice corporation or combined with undergraduate or graduate studies. Typically, a practice program will run six to 12 months in length. *Passed a national examination administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). For more information regarding the examination, refer to CDR’s website at *Completes continuing professional educational requirements to maintain registration.
  • How do I know if I can benefit from the 1-1 Coaching?
    - You are curious about learning more about nutrition - You experience extreme stress in situations involving food - You have fears about eating a certain food or food group - You find yourself hungry even after eating regularly - You have been a chronic dieter for 6 months or more - You find yourself restricting certain foods only to end up bingeing
  • When is the right time to see a dietitian?
    The best part is there is no right or wrong time. Working with a dietitian allows you to have guidance on a variety of nutrition concerns, including: - Active eating disorders - Disordered eating patterns - Poor body image - Chronic Fatigue - Excessive hunger This journey can be adapted to fit any lifestyle. The choice is yours to reach out and invest in your health!
  • What can I expect us to work on together?
    We will work on exploring your thoughts and feelings involving food. I will not give you a bandaid to cover up your concerns. We will address the root cause to be able to improve your relationship with food and your body.
  • Do you provide the materials needed for our sessions?
    Yes! During 1:1 sessions, I will provide educational materials on a variety of topics. You will also receive my intuitive eating workbook.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    There is no set length of treatment. Nutrition counseling can last anywhere from one session to several months or even years. It depends on your initial concerns. Some may have a specific concern they desire to solve and might find that one or two sessions are sufficient. Other people may have complicated issues and need a few months or more to understand and resolve their issues. Others may have ongoing concerns that require more long-term counseling. We will work together to determine a treatment plan that fits your needs.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Time is very valuable to us. Please make all cancellations at least 48 hours in advance to give another person the chance to have the support they need. We understand emergencies happen sometimes and we understand. You will be charged a $50 cancellation fee if this does happen.
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    At least 48 hours.
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