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As someone who has been a victim of chronic dieting and struggled with weight my entire life, I know how delicate this process can be. I 100% believe that health has no correlation to weight. The sooner the world realizes this, the better off everyone will be.
I combine my education-based knowledge with my personal experience to guide you through a recovery journey. I want to show you that it is possible to have a healthy relationship with food. It isn’t some impossible concept that you can't reach - no matter how far away it feels. I promise to show up to each session and give you my best. I hope to receive the same from you!

There was a time before food thoughts didn't occupy my brain 24/7.  I didn’t binge eat. I intuitively ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full. I ate when I wanted. I ate what I wanted. I ate how much I wanted. Then, I got into bodybuilding. All of a sudden, food became what was between me and success. Everywhere I looked, the ideal was being as thin as possible. Things took a turn for the worst - diet culture had taken hold of me and had no plans on giving me back.

Body-building became my way to justify hating my body.  I was often my own worst critic. It wasn’t enough for me to succeed, I had to be the best (shout out to my fellow Type A personalities)! And so it was born, my obsession with losing weight.  I believe my binge eating tendencies were hiding inside of me all along,  just waiting for the ‘perfect’ circumstances to be set free. And I sure did give it those circumstances.

I felt so lost and hopeless. I had no one to turn to and I battled with my inner demons frequently... Should I tell my friends?  Would they even understand?  What would my mom do if I told her?  Who can I go to?

Body positive shoot 5.JPG

The demons grew stronger and stronger with each passing day. The urge to binge simply could not be controlled, no matter how hard I tried. This went on for many years - the same cycle over and over again.

I knew I couldn’t go on like this any longer.  I was a broke college student so I couldn’t afford a fancy therapist. Instead, I turned to social media. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok...  you name it, I checked it. I was desperate for a sign from anyone that I would get through this. Thankfully, I found a community of people facing similar struggles. I reached out to health professionals who were equipped with the skills necessary to help me recover. I saw a small glimmer of hope peek out from the darkness that I had been carrying around with me for so long.


I’m here to tell you… I’ve been exactly where you are!  Recovery is a bumpy road filled with new challenges to navigate. Think of me as your tour guide!


B.S Degree from Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD 

Dietetic Internship- University of Maryland Eastern Shore 

Registered Dietitian through the Commission on Dietetic Registration

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist in Maryland

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist in Delaware

I began my career as a dietitian working in weight management. I was intrigued by focusing on an individual as a set of unique parts, that all needed to be explored to be able to help the best we could. It included medical, nutrition, exercise, and behavioral health into a holistic program. Sounds perfect right??

Think again! Not only was this setting monotonous by nature, but I couldn’t help but feel completely unfulfilled. After all, I did choose this career because I truly want to make a difference in people’s lives. The more time I spent in this setting, the more I found myself doing more harm than good. Clients were coming to me desiring to change their bodies. Instead of coming from a place of self-love, people were coming to me with feelings of defeat, self-loathing, and damaged relationships with food. Ironically, the one thing people came looking for, was exactly what they never found through this program…

I slowly began shifting my methods towards body positivity, self-care, and intuitive eating. This provoked undeniable changes in my clients’ success…. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. This sparked my thoughts on where I desired to go from here.

Did I want to spend the rest of my life in a setting that left me feeling unfulfilled?

Did I want to continue doing something that did not align with my values?

Did I want to continue forcing disordered eating habits on everyone, when I knew they were in a vulnerable place?

I knew I needed a change. And thus, Nutritional Metamorphosis was born.

Chelsea Halsman, RD


I'm a mom of two...

I have a yellow Lab named Remington and a  Goldendoodle named Delilah.

Puppies .HEIC

Get to know me a little more...

Interested in working together?? Book a free 15-minute discovery call to find out how I can support you through your journey.

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